5th PMC Meeting ” Science to Services for a Resilient Pacific” held in Samoa

5th Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-5) meeting at the TATTE Convention Centre in Apia (photo: MNRE)

Samoa hosts the 5th Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-5) meeting at the TATTE Convention Centre in Apia – ” Science to Services for a Resilient Pacific”.

The 3-day event will look to discuss, promote and explore opportunities to strengthen weather, climate, water and ocean services in the context of sustainable development in the Pacific. It will also address National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in place for pacific island countries and territories – how to better improve sharing of information.

The 3rd Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC-3) meeting in Nukualofa established multi-institutional panel to serve in the capacity of an advisory committee to the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC) on issues in relation to meteorology. The six established panel targeted priority areas for met service in the pacific region.

Empowering women in meteorological service workshop – side event under the Pacific Meteorological Council held in Apia. (photo: MNRE)

The (PMC) Panels are;

  • Pacific Island Climate Services (PICS) Panel;
  • Pacific Island Education, Training and Research (PIETR) Panel;
  • Pacific Island Marine and Oceans Services (PIMOS) Panel;
  • Pacific Island Communication and Infrastructure (PICI) Panel;
  • Pacific Island Aviation Weather Services (PIAWS) Panel and;
  • Pacific Hydrology Services (PHS) Panel.

The meeting will also review progress on the Pacific Island Meteorological Strategy (PIMS) 2012–2021 aimed for NMHS in the region to have capacity to fulfil their responsibilities.

The is schedule from the 7th –  9th August 2019 and by Samoa under the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment.

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