SROS visits Schools to promote science

Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa school awareness programme (image credit)

(SROS) In the early morning of Wednesday 14th August 2019, SROS scientists took the boat ride to Manono Island with the purpose to promote science.  This was conveyed through the various science experiments presented to a combined audience of Salua and Faleu Primary school students and teachers. The local scientists presented their experiments to over 100 eager to learn students.

The experiments showcased the difference in gases using helium balloons, producing carbon dioxide from household goods, demonstration of water and air pressure and many other experiments, especially the importance of safety.

SROS would like to motivate students to choose science for their future. Science is not always the student’s choice of subject, so there is a need for us to show and inspire students to see the interesting side of science and how it has changed the world. It is hoped that the demonstration by Samoan scientists would stimulate the natural curiosity about science in the student’s mind, understand science better and encouraging them to take up science as their career path.

The Principals and Teachers from Salua and Faleu Primary schools were very thankful for the opportunity and are planning to visit SROSs main office at Nafanua in the near future.

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