Vaai Focuses on Four Areas to Improve MJCA Services

Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration, Mrs Moliei Vaai.

The recently appointed Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration, Mrs Moliei Vaai aims to improve services for the ministry.

The former Civil Division’s Manager for the New Zealand High Courts in Auckland looks to develop four areas to achieve her set goal.

“Purpose – By building a value based culture within the organisation where people understand how their jobs affect people’s lives and their livelihood”, Mrs Vaai stated.

“People – To ensure our staff feel valued and their contribution holds the key to achieving our purpose”.

“Performance – We need to re-align our capabilities, resources and structure so we can improve the quality of our service through better processes, systems and training”.

“Property – We need to upgrade our building and property so we can cater for the safety of the public and their needs when on site, but also to support our tenants with the best equipment to do their job”, she added.

Moliei brings a wealth of understanding from a 16-year career –  almost a decade of managing experience with working relations in a district-base operation to a nationwide justice system.

Vaai supported 30 on-site judges and collaborated with Police, Corrections Unit and other legal related agencies.

Since starting in her new role she has seen similarities in the operations to her previous role.

Vaai highlights that there are a few challenges but remains confident that she has a great team.

“In my fourth week, very similar to the NZ Ministry of Justice of which I have 16 years of experience. We maybe behind in technology and mentality but transferrable knowledge and experience with local insights will hold me in good stead”, she stated.

“We need time and money which we don’t have”.

“Challenging in every way but enjoying it! I have good people in my organisation”.

Mrs Vaai holds Business Administration and Management (MBA) from Massey University in New Zealand.

She was also a former Head Girl at Samoa College in her early childhood academic development.

She describes herself as a family oriented person with much qualities reflected in her hobbies and interests.

“Love spending quality time with my family, reading, opera, poetry, music, singing, fashion, world travels, cuisine and great food, seafood, local fresh organic fruits”.

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