About Directions

It brings together the opportunity for journalism, media, screen, digital humanities (data), and communications and relations to intersect with design thinking, branding, illustration, typography, motion graphics (animation), web design, interactive and virtual media, and publication designs.

Our aim is to define the activities and developments that translate to “AN IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ALL”.

Directions is a unique Media Communications company. It unites the creative visual language of communication designs with the literary and strategic approaches to provide solutions in communications.

We offer various strategies and approaches to reaching your audience(s), building a stronger relationship with your stakeholders, branding your product for a better marketable gain or getting more awareness to raise your profile for better positioning of your company/organisation – that will translate into opportunities.

The business of communication is a flourishing industry, increasingly enabled by digital and visual literacy; emergent technologies. The intersection of these two complimentary skills provides you with a creative, next-generation skill set in design and media that opens multiple opportunities to work in, contribute to, and shape the future of contemporary communications.