Talofa and Welcome

Directions Samoa provides effective and very creative support in its consultancy services. Our consultants offer various skills in preparing a range of content to enhance work relations, and better means of support in the technical technology systems available in offices now-a-days.

Our consultancy Communications Relations(CR) service provides a world of options to meet your required return. Our team can highlight the basic tools, recognise unexpected avenues that beneficially translate into opportunities, and provide you effective and technical understanding to many strategic approaches.

Many understand what communications in general is – but being informative is not as effect as it once was with the evolving changes in the communication relations world today.

Our CR team are confident in its analysing abilities in solving any situation/challenges and provide you the best way forward.

Our team also offers Information Communication Technology(ICT) consultancy services in the ever growing technology field of today.

We are equipped with infrastructural and systematic understanding of better and safer means in place for your ICT needs. Our ICT team can assist you in ensuring that you reach you goal and troubleshoot any challenges along the pathway.

Our Communication Relations(CR) and Information Communication Technology(ICT) teams combine are qualified and have many years of experience carrying-out these services to confidently say that we produce quality work. We are enthusiastic, determined and always aim to deliver top quality work for our clients.

Faafetai Lava

Communications Relations